*(I picked up this greeting in Slovakia and I really think everyone needs to start answering their phone like this).

I'm Rebecca - a writer, journalist, and copywriter with professional experience in the newsroom, editorial and marketing sphere. 

I'm currently freelancing after most recently working as an in-house editor and copywriter for both German and English content at zLabels Creation & Sales GmbH & Ko. KG in Berlin.

An adventurer at heart, my experiences have proven to be a ceaseless source of inspiration. It is within the intersection of my many interests and creative pursuits, where the spark for my ideas comes from. Accordingly, I feel most comfortable working in the creative, lifestyle and travel industries.

I am also very, very, very (really, I cannot stress this enough) passionate about environmentalism and sustainability. If you are a business who acknowledges their responsibility towards a better present and future, I like you and would love to work with you.

For those of you who would like to get to know me a bit better, here are five random facts about myself. Four are true, one's a lie:

1. I have a scar on the big toe of my right foot that I got from rolling in lego. My street-cred is UNREAL.

2. I've lived in nine different countries (and eleven different cities), my native countries Germany and the UK included, and have travelled thirty-three more. One could say travelling is my 'thing'.  

3. I performed as a dancer in the Closing Ceremonies at the London Olympics 2012. After the fireworks gold medalists were coming up to us and asking for photos. It was pretty great.

4. I have a Jodeldiplom. I still like to practise all the time and rejoice in busting out some tunes at special occasions, no prompting necessary. Due to this I have a lot of friends.

5. Adventure is in my genes. This one time, my dad was sailing around the world and was shipwrecked, attacked by pirates, and stranded on a remote island. At the time I was upset I'd missed out (I was six).

I also love the great outdoors, reading everything by Wilde, Hemingway, and Twain, creating dance choreographies to my favourite songs, and continuously working on my personal style as an illustrator and writer.

I hope you enjoy perusing my website - don't hesitate to be in touch for a wee chat, if you like!