I'm Rebecca - a writer and journalist with professional experience in the newsroom, editorial and marketing sphere. 

I currently work as an integrated communication designer at ÆSD in Berlin. And as a contributing writer at Scandinavia Standard in Copenhagen. 

An adventurer at heart my experiences have proven to be a ceaseless source of inspiration. It is within the intersection of my many interests and creative pursuits, where the spark for my favourite ideas comes from.

When I say I've lived in nine different countries and eleven different cities, my native countries Germany and UK included, and have travelled thirty-three more - that's me genuinely pointing out how little I've seen and how much there's still to discover.

I have a passion for travel - this will not have come as a surprise at this point - design, and sustainability. I love the great outdoors; reading everything by Wilde, Hemingway, and Twain; creating dance choreographies to music; and continuously working on my personal style as an illustrator and writer.

I do hope you enjoy my website and don't hesitate to be in touch for a wee chat!

*I picked this greeting up when I lived in Slovakia  ... I think it's cool.