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Two typhoons and a cuppa

Luckily, the typhoon passed Hong Kong with just enough distance to allow for the ferry between Kwoloon and Hong Kong Island to continue business as usual on that first day. Unlike the fourth day, when everything shut down. Even the malls. I think that's when you know things are bad.

Published June 9 2016, Scandinavia Standard

Over the past decades, sustainability has become trendy. And whether implemented out of conviction or marketing purposes, I’m happy we’ve begun fixing our living environment.

Denmark has long been perceived to be one of the world’s greenest countries and in many aspects rightly so. Windmills, bike culture, and organic food in schools and the workplace jump to mind. When it comes to the issue of waste, however, it falls far behind some of its fellow European countries.

A Perfect Swedish Afternoon at Solhaga Stenungnsbageri

Published May 12 2016, Scandinavia Standard

It’s a lazy day during the school holidays. I’m swaying in the hammock in the garden of our country cottage, turning pages in one of Astrid Lindgren’s Pippi Longstocking stories. Bees, buzz above the bushes of lilac, joined by the silent flutter of colourful butterflies. That’s the idyllic memory of my childhood that envelops me as I sit in front of the red and white painted Solhaga Bakery in Slöinge.