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Two typhoons and a cuppa

Luckily, the typhoon passed Hong Kong with just enough distance to allow for the ferry between Kwoloon and Hong Kong Island to continue business as usual on that first day. Unlike the fourth day, when everything shut down. Even the malls. I think that's when you know things are bad.

Published November 19 2016, Scandinavia Standard

It’s confidence and restless energy are intoxicating. It has never cared what others might think of it, instead it waltzes on, always on the verge of becoming. Berlin doesn’t settle, Berlin doesn’t play it safe. And so the adventurous can’t help but flock to it and make it into what David Bowie called “ The greatest cultural extravaganza that one could imagine”. 

Published September 10 2016, Scandinavia Standard

The Daugava river rises in the Valdai Hills where it begins its 1020 km journey through Russia, Belarus, and Latvia, passing no fewer than 24 cities on the way with tongue-tying names such as ‘Beshankovichy’ or ‘Daugavpils’, until it reaches the banks of Riga. 

I didn’t have to travel quite as far to see the Latvian capital - but I can see why the Daugava does.