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Published September 10 2016, Scandinavia Standard

The Daugava river rises in the Valdai Hills where it begins its 1020 km journey through Russia, Belarus, and Latvia, passing no fewer than 24 cities on the way with tongue-tying names such as ‘Beshankovichy’ or ‘Daugavpils’, until it reaches the banks of Riga. 

I didn’t have to travel quite as far to see the Latvian capital - but I can see why the Daugava does. 

Published June 9 2016, Scandinavia Standard

Over the past decades, sustainability has become trendy. And whether implemented out of conviction or marketing purposes, I’m happy we’ve begun fixing our living environment.

Denmark has long been perceived to be one of the world’s greenest countries and in many aspects rightly so. Windmills, bike culture, and organic food in schools and the workplace jump to mind. When it comes to the issue of waste, however, it falls far behind some of its fellow European countries.