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Sustainable Fashion Brands in Scandinavia

Published July 16 2016, Scandinavia Standard

I grew up going shopping with my mother, a former fashion designer. As we’d stroll down the aisles she’d expertly point out all the pieces’ shortcomings:

“100% polyester. Forget it. Doesn’t allow your skin to breathe.”
“One wash and this top is going to be all over the place.”
“This is hardly sewn together properly.”
“Badly cut.”

Published June 9 2016, Scandinavia Standard

Over the past decades, sustainability has become trendy. And whether implemented out of conviction or marketing purposes, I’m happy we’ve begun fixing our living environment.

Denmark has long been perceived to be one of the world’s greenest countries and in many aspects rightly so. Windmills, bike culture, and organic food in schools and the workplace jump to mind. When it comes to the issue of waste, however, it falls far behind some of its fellow European countries.