ZALANDO | zLabELs | mint&berry 2017

In my capacity as copywriter for mint&berry at zLabels GmbH by Zalando SE I was responsible for the following copy in both English and German: websites (weekly) - newsletters (weekly) - blog posts (weekly) - social channels (weekly) - trends (weekly) - campaigns - collections - creating a TOV guide - flyers - vouchers - google ads - SEO - product descriptions - hangtags - other. Below are a few samples of my work. You can find some of my blog posts  under “writing” and “archive”.


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In tune with natural beauty, the new mint&berry Lingerie & Nightwear collection celebrates feminine silhouettes and perfect imperfections. Our pieces lovingly embrace your natural form while delicate spring shades tell of sun-kissed tales living amongst the orange trees.
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Trend: Seafaring Spirit

Make the world your oyster in maritime stripes, light shades of blue, off-the-shoulder dresses, and bast bags.
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Trend: Girls in Pearls
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Shot on the rolling hills of L.A., amidst the ripening fruit of orange trees and wistful dreams – our first pieces of the SS17 collection went from bud to bloom under the warm rays of the California sun.
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Trend: Bold Blossoms
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Trend: Tropical Wonder
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