Logo Design for Kayser Fitness.

In collaboration with Robert Kaysen.

In order to create this logo I also conceptualised a brand image for ‘KayserFitness’. CEO Michael Kayser wanted his personal training business to be about athleticism, health, and improving people’s lives.
I thought this fit in well with the Scandinavian philosophy of work-life-balance, and sought to emphasise Scandinavian elements. The philosophy evolved into how a challenging yet balanced training, supports balance and well-being overall.
For the logo I experimented with different graphic combinations of the letters K for Kayser and F for Fitness. I looked to ancient Nordic ruins for inspiration, as I wanted to create something with a Nordic essence.
For the colour I liked the idea of something elegant and strong. Something that said ‘business’ as well as ‘hard physical training’.
... and something that would look good on merchandise e.g. sportswear.